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CAPE T OWN — Manche ster Unit ed were de alt a ma­jor bl ow as l eft back Luk e Sha w w as r uled out f or at l east a month.

The Daily T ele­graph re­ported that Sha w ma y no t pl ay ag ain in Red De vils c olours this y ear.

Al­ready with­out the s er­vices o f Mar­cos R ojo, Phil Jone s, R afael andl D aley Blind, the l at­est in­jury news thr eat­ens t o der ail Manche ster Unit ed’s Eur opean qualific ation hopes. The 19-y ear-old suf fered lig­a­ment damag e and w as f orced off the fiel d af ter 15 minut es against Ar senal l ast Satur day.

Signed f or a r ecord £27 mil­lion (R468 mil­lion) fr om Southampt on at the end o f l ast s ea­son, Sha w will no t pl ay f or at l east a month and c ould miss the en­tir e f es­tive sea­son pr ogramme. — S port24.

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