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AN unbe aten c en­tury fr om R assie v an der Duss en en­abl ed the Highv eld Lions t o be at the Titans b y one r un in their R am Sl am T20 mat ch at Sen­wes P ark, P otchef­stroom, y es­ter­day.

The visit ors, chas­ing 180 f or vic tory, fin­ished the da y on 178 f or six, de­spite the e fforts o f an unbe aten 69 fr om Heino K uhn.

The Lions in­ning s s tarted o ff in the most unf or­tu­nate man­ner , l os­ing t wo wick­ets in the thir d and f ourth o vers.

Caribbean im­port Chris Ga yle w as caught b y Ju­nior D ala on the thir dman bound­ary o ff Ethy Mb­hal ati, and Temba Ba vuma w as r un out g oing f or an non­e xis­tent r un. And the Lions were in tr ou­ble on 16 f or t wo.

Van der Duss en and Lions c ap­tain Neil McK en­zie in­spir ed the r etrieval with a 117 ­run p art­ner­ship f or the third­wicket.

Van der Duss en, br ought int o the team when Ga yle w as in­jur ed, s cored a mag­nific ent 6 1­ball 101, which in­cluded t wo bound­arie s and six max­i­mums, en­abling the Lions t o r each 179 f or thr ee.

The Titans, in s earch o f the 180 they needed t o tri­umph, g ot o ff t o an ide al s tart but w ere s oon 7 0 f or three, l os­ing thr ee wick ets f or s even runs. K uhn and Hein­rich Kl aasen made a r es­o­lute e ffort t o r egen­er­ate the in­ning s with a 66­r un s tand f or the f ourth wick et. — S up­erS­port.

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