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The big­gest changes al­ways hap­pen when you first un­der­stand how – and why – th­ese de­ci­sions will ben­e­fit you. Be­fore you start your 20 days of sugar- belly shrink­age, let’s talk about the unique im­pact sugar makes on your body and the far- reach­ing ben­e­fits to your health, waist­line and com­plex­ion when you start to shun it

12 The Sugar-Belly Con­nec­tion

What’s this ex­tra pad­ding round your waist and why won’t it go away? When you learn how your body stores and re­acts to sugar, you’ll want to change the way you eat for­ever.

22 How It Works For You

There’s a 20-day jour­ney ahead of you, some of it hard go­ing while your brain and body ditch their sug­ary habits. Find out what to ex­pect on the way there and the prize that awaits you at the end.

48 Close The Door On Crav­ings

The meals are de­li­cious, but chances are your body will still cry out for its sugar fix. Let us be your guide: fol­low th­ese sim­ple prin­ci­ples to min­imise crav­ings and qui­eten a busy mind.

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