DAYS 1-5


Women's Health - Shrink Your Sugar Belly - - CONTENTS -

Wel­come to Day 1. You could cut all su­gar from here on – for­ever! – but do you re­ally think that will work? Let’s face it, the white stuff isn’t just some­thing you can pick up and put down. It’s a re­ward, a cel­e­bra­tion, a pick- me- up – and some­times a friend. Boost your chances of suc­cess by pre­par­ing your mind and body ( and fridge) first.

26 The Step Down

The Women’s Health ex­perts ex­plain why self-aware­ness is es­sen­tial for su­gar-shun­ning suc­cess.

28 Days 1-2

Un­cover your emo­tional links to su­gar – and use your new knowl­edge against it!

36 Day 3

Learn to spot the Straight-Up Sug­ars lurk­ing in your kitchen – and start mak­ing them dis­ap­pear.

40 Day 4

Spot the sneakier sug­ars in your diet, and learn how to break the habits of su­gar con­sump­tion.

44 Day 5

Get shop­ping for the first stage of the eat­ing plan and cre­ate your per­sonal re­wards card.

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