Women's Health - Shrink Your Sugar Belly - - DAYS 6-12 -

Did you know that tak­ing a photo of ev­ery meal or snack be­fore you eat it helps stop over-eat­ing?

In a study pub­lished in the In­ter­na­tional Jour­nal of Con­sumer Stud­ies, par­tic­i­pants were asked to keep a writ­ten food di­ary and snap their meals and snacks for a week.

The re­sults? Some liked the pho­tos, some pre­ferred the di­ary. But ev­ery­one said that the pho­tos, and the act of tak­ing them, made them think about what they were eat­ing in a way that the pa­per di­aries didn’t. They of­ten ad­justed their choices once they’d seen the photo – and thought twice be­fore tuck­ing in.

That minute of de­lay might just be all you need to de­cide that you’ve served up too much, or that you could choose a bet­ter op­tion.

While you’re at it, try shar­ing daily pho­tos of your meals and snacks with sup­port­ive friends on In­sta­gram – there’s no ef­fort like a team ef­fort.

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