It Takes Two

This part­ner work­out is the most fun you’ll ever have in a sweat sesh


WWe all start win­ter with no­ble in­ten­tions. Mak­ing it to parkrun on a frosty Satur­day morn­ing? That’s what gloves are for, right? Hit­ting those Vi­tal­ity Ac­tive Re­wards ev­ery week? No prob­lem – it’s not like icy wind is go­ing to fol­low you into the gym. But some­where around the be­gin­ning of July the tem­per­a­ture plum­mets to new lows. And all those no­ble gym-go­ing in­ten­tions you had in June dis­solve into steam­ing cups of hot choco­late, glasses of red wine and sec­ond help­ings of com­fort stew. And then, be­fore you know it, it’s spring. Crap. Good news: the an­ti­dote to win­ter flab is right here. You’re back, baby.

Tone Up, Slim Down

Af­ter months of Net­flix and chill (the lit­eral kind), chances are you’re dy­ing to get your heart rate up. But don’t ditch the strength train­ing. “Always re­mem­ber that mus­cles will burn fat dur­ing the day,” says per­sonal trainer, food coach and model Sahra Tuna, who rec­om­mends two to three full-body strength ses­sions a week. That’s be­cause mus­cle is metabol­i­cally ac­tive – it needs to burn energy in or­der to sus­tain it­self. Think of it like a braai fire – you have to keep feed­ing it with fuel to keep it go­ing. Fat, on the other hand, is the fuel. It doesn’t burn any­thing to ex­ist. It just hangs around, bulging over the waist­band of your jeans. Still wary of the weights area? Don’t be, says Tuna. “As a woman, you won’t get as huge as you think, so don’t be afraid of work­ing out to gain some mus­cles.” Fo­cus­ing on the big mus­cles in your legs and back will up the burn.

Buddy Sys­tem

Get­ting a friend – or your part­ner – in on your train­ing ses­sions is your ticket to great­ness. “You’ll push each other to work out and will have more fun while you get in shape,” says Tuna. To keep things in­ter­est­ing, she rec­om­mends throw­ing in some sport – com­pet­ing against each other in, say, beach volleyball, ten­nis, hik­ing or skat­ing are all fun ways to get a work­out in with­out even re­al­is­ing that you’re ex­er­cis­ing. #Sun­dayFun­day The rest of the week, do this part­ner work­out, cre­ated by Tuna, which is de­signed to give you a full body work­out, burn fat and get you to start en­joy­ing ex­er­cise again.


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