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Yep, this is ac­tu­ally a thing. A new sur­vey of 1 200 peo­ple found that al­most half of us clean the shower while clean­ing our­selves. While the mul­ti­task­ing is im­pres­sive, this could ac­tu­ally be a health haz­ard: com­mon chem­i­cals like bleach and am­mo­nia can ir­ri­tate or burn your skin (like if they run down to your toes) and can be es­pe­cially abra­sive if they get near sen­si­tive ar­eas like your vagina, says Dr Sharon Horesh Bergquist. If you just can’t help your­self, use a natural solution, like Earth­sap Bath­room Cleaner (R57, Faith­ful-To-Na­, that doesn’t con­tain the caus­tic chem­i­cals. But still spray clear of your lady parts, since even gen­tle cleansers can vex your vag.

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