The Take Two Work­out

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You can do these moves any­where. Per­form them in or­der, do­ing the pre­scribed num­ber of reps for each. When you’ve done all reps of the fi­nal move, you’re done. You’ll need: a timer; a medicine ball. Don’t have one? Use a soc­cer ball or bas­ket­ball in­stead.


Reps: As many as you can in 45 sec­onds Get into an el­bow plank with your weight sup­ported on your fore­arms and toes, your core tight and body form­ing a straight line. Now hold it while your part­ner jumps side­ways over you, feet to­gether, con­tin­u­ously un­til the time is up. Swap roles and go again.

MAKE IT HARDER: Go for 90 sec­onds!

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