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The Core­gasm Is Real!

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So, you’re near­ing the end of your last set of ly­ing leg raises and you start to feel a pe­cu­liar tin­gling in your lower ab­domen as your legs near the floor. It feels pretty good and those core-rip­ping raises are start­ing to feel a whole lot eas­ier... So you carry on. The pres­sure builds and soon your lower ab­domen ex­plodes with light and shin­ing stars and that fa­mil­iar feel­ing of sweet re­lease. Con­fused? Don’t be, you just ex­pe­ri­enced a core­gasm. What is it ex­actly? “It’s an or­gasm that is brought on by ex­er­cise, es­pe­cially the ex­er­cise of your core mus­cles, in­clud­ing your ab­domen, back and es­pe­cially your pelvic floor,” says Dr Elna Rudolph, med­i­cal doc­tor, sex­ol­o­gist and clin­i­cal head of My Sex­ual Health. They dif­fer from nor­mal or­gasms in the sense that “there are no sex­ual thoughts or feel­ings in­volved, they are purely ex­er­cised in­duced.” The dif­fer­ence you’ll want to take note of? Ac­cord­ing to Rudolph, core­gasms hap­pen in a larger area (you could feel them in your up­per legs and ab­domen) and gen­er­ally last much longer. #win­ning If you’ve ever had one, count your­self lucky be­cause re­cent re­search says that only 10 per­cent of women are able to achieve an ex­er­cise-in­duced or­gasm. “You get peo­ple with lower or­gas­mic thresh­olds – those women who just or­gasm eas­ily,” ex­plains Rudolph. Keen to see how the other 10 per­cent are liv­ing? Fo­cus on ex­er­cises that re­ally work your lower abs (such as hang­ing leg raises) and do lots of reps. “Ap­par­ently the key is rep­e­ti­tion of the ex­er­cise, prob­a­bly be­cause it causes more and more blood flow to the area. It might not hap­pen while you do the ex­er­cise, it might only hap­pen a few min­utes later,” ex­plains Rudolph. Be­fore you rush off to the gym, don’t go too crazy on your core ex­er­cises, “one dan­ger is that you over-ex­er­cise your pelvic floor to the point of de­vel­op­ing a hy­per­ac­tive pelvic floor. In that case you might get prob­lems like uri­nary fre­quency, con­sti­pa­tion and painful sex,” says Rudolph. #NotWin­ning

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