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Build se­ri­ous mus­cle with one sim­ple yoga tweak

POWER POSE Add some weight to your mat to lengthen, strengthen and boost your fat­burn po­ten­tial

Think you should keep your flow and free weights sep­a­rate? Think again. Blend­ing tra­di­tional strength train­ing with yoga – by, for ex­am­ple, adding bi­ceps curls to your war­rior pose or turn­ing chair pose into a weighted squat – does more than just sculpt a bet­ter body. “As well as in­creas­ing in­ten­sity by up­ping kilo­joule burn, the slower pace can im­prove con­cen­tra­tion,” says Yoga Sculpt mas­ter trainer Jennifer Re­gen­scheid. It also helps in­jury-proof your body. Stronger mus­cles can sta­bilise your joints, help to avoid hy­per­flex­i­bil­ity and re­duce your long-term risk of in­jury. The plan? Grab a mat and some light dumb­bells and do each move for three min­utes and 45 sec­onds, do­ing as many con­trolled reps as pos­si­ble. Just na­maste fo­cused.

Lie on your back with a weight in each hand (A). Raise your legs into table­top with el­bows at a 90-de­gree an­gle, then straighten and lower your left leg, bring­ing your left weight to your right foot (B). Swap, stay­ing slow and steady. Stand with a...

With feet to­gether and a weight in each hand, sit your hips back and down, while keep­ing el­bows tucked into your sides (A). Keep­ing your up­per arms still, lift and lower the weights from the el­bows (B).

MAKE IT HARDER: Don’t touch the floor.

With a weight in each hand, step your left foot back and bend your front knee. Hinge for­ward, bring­ing your weights to your bent knee (A), then raise them out to the sides (B), then lower. Swap legs halfway. Re­peat. Cres­cent lunge re­verse fly

Chair tri­ceps kick­back

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