Sex ther­a­pists seem to dis­cover or­gasms as fre­quently as NASA finds signs of life on re­mote plan­ets. In the lat­est ex­plo­ration, they’re tak­ing us past the fa­mil­iar ter­rain of cli­toral and vag­i­nal Os to ex­pe­ri­ence the cer­vi­cal or­gasm, which can have an int

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1 At­tempt a few days be­fore your pe­riod, when your cervix is lower and eas­ier to reach.

2 Be­gin with mis­sion­ary to stim­u­late blood flow to the pelvic re­gion.

3 Switch to a deeper po­si­tion (like mis­sion­ary, with your legs raised to 90 de­grees) when you feel you’re close to cli­max­ing. This gives him di­rect ac­cess to your cervix.

4 Have him move in slow, cir­cu­lar mo­tions with the tip of his pe­nis gen­tly mas­sag­ing the spot.

5 Ap­ply lube and flip to doggy style (the deep­est po­si­tion of all).

6 Score ce­les­tial Os!

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