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Women's Health (South Africa) - - # FNO -

1/ POW­ERED BY All work, no play? Not around here!

Head­ing into sum­mer and drag­ging your­self off to the gym? Don’t do it... Cut your­self some slack and change up your work­out for fun. Vir­gin Ac­tive’s Ceri Han­nan opened FNO Jozi with an old-school dance warm-up that had ev­ery­one part­nered up, jiv­ing... And sweat­ing. Take note.

2/ Tap into a new fit­ness trend

Yes, we want you to rock a com­pound move like a burpee, but we also want your work­out to be me-time. Do this with yoga, like Car­al­ish­ious prac­tises, by qui­eten­ing your mind while you flow through your moves or by em­brac­ing your in­ner su­per-con­fi­dent god­dess, as Takkies does.

3/ Em­brace the col­lec­tive power

We be­lieve in hav­ing a fit­ness part­ner-in-crime... It’s way eas­ier to be en­er­gised when there’s more than one of you! And the proof of that has surely got to be see­ing 3 000 women smash­ing their sticks above their heads as they killed the fi­nal sweat sesh with the LA team from POUND.

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