WTF... Is A Yoni Egg

Bet­ter or­gasms – need we say more?

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We’ve all heard about Gwyneth Pal­trow and her jade eggs, but un­like some of her more left-field ideas – such as her eight-day goat’s-milk cleanse – these eggs do have health ben­e­fits. “There are two sides to yoni eggs [yoni is San­skrit for womb, uterus, source or fe­male gen­i­talia],” says Dr Elna Ru­dolph, med­i­cal doc­tor, sexologist and clin­i­cal head of My Sex­ual Health. “The phys­i­cal side, where it acts as a weight in the vagina to train mus­cles in the same way you would use weights in the gym to train other mus­cles. And the more es­o­teric side, where it is claimed to have loads of other pos­i­tive ef­fects that can’t nec­es­sar­ily be ex­plained sci­en­tif­i­cally.” An an­cient Chi­nese Taoist prac­tice, “yoni eggs have grown enor­mously in pop­u­lar­ity over the past cou­ple of years,” says Yoni Eggs South Africa founder, Juliet Terblanche. “One rea­son be­ing that women are start­ing to re­ject the con­ven­tional ways of treat­ing pelvic/re­pro­duc­tive health chal­lenges and are look­ing for a more holis­tic ap­proach that is also highly ef­fec­tive.” Made from a range of stones, the eggs come in three dif­fer­ent sizes. When you start us­ing them, you need to start with the largest egg. As your mus­cles get stronger, you can work your way up to the small­est egg. Ru­dolph sug­gests us­ing the eggs for very short pe­ri­ods in the be­gin­ning so as not to over-bur­den your mus­cles. As your mus­cles strengthen, you will be able to in­crease the time you use them for. “I wouldn’t ad­vise any­body wear one 24/7 – you need to re­lax your pelvic floor at times.” Ac­cord­ing to Terblanche, “a fo­cused daily prac­tice of 15 to 20 min­utes is more than enough to ex­pe­ri­ence the ben­e­fits of a yoni egg.” So what are the phys­i­cal ben­e­fits of us­ing yoni eggs? “The ba­sic ben­e­fit is that it trains the pelvic floor mus­cles and makes them stronger. This can im­prove plea­sure dur­ing in­ter­course, make or­gasms more in­tense, in­ten­sify the sen­sa­tion for your part­ner and im­prove or pre­vent in­con­ti­nence,” ex­plains Ru­dolph. The eggs can be par­tic­u­larly use­ful for women with weak pelvic floor mus­cles, es­pe­cially af­ter child­birth, those with mild in­con­ti­nence and for those get­ting on in years. While there is a range of ben­e­fits, yoni eggs aren’t for ev­ery­one: “Peo­ple with a hy­per­ac­tive pelvic floor and peo­ple who ex­pe­ri­ence painful in­ter­course, where the cause has not been de­ter­mined, should not use the eggs,” warns Ru­dolph.



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