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Get your hy­dra­tion in check by match­ing your in­take to your body weight, per Sims’ rec­om­men­da­tion. She sug­gests around 5 millil­itres (that’s a few sips) per kilo­gram of body weight per hour. So a 60kg woman would drink roughly 300ml per hour. “That’s a gen­eral start­ing point,” says Sims. “It’s per­sonal. If you’re work­ing out for 45 min­utes or less, it’s im­por­tant to drink be­fore and af­ter, but hy­dra­tion dur­ing ex­er­cise is not al­ways needed – un­less you’re low on body wa­ter to be­gin with – say, at the end of the day or when you’ve first wo­ken up.” Ac­cord­ing to Sims, the best hy­dra­tor dur­ing in­tense or lengthy sweat ses­sions is a so­lu­tion made up of wa­ter, a small amount of sodium and a com­bi­na­tion of su­crose and glu­cose. In pro­cessed form, this is your typ­i­cal en­ergy drink, a fast-act­ing for­mula that is most ef­fec­tive at trans­port­ing wa­ter into the blood. Too much wa­ter can also be a bad thing: this can cause lower lev­els of sodium in the blood, lead­ing to nau­sea, headaches, con­fu­sion and, if se­vere, death. Main­tain the del­i­cate bal­ance by keep­ing tabs on your wee: if it’s crys­tal clear, you’re hy­drat­ing too hard.

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