3. The Strength Set

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When you chal­lenge your lower half with sub­stan­tial re­sis­tance (we’re talk­ing 20kg and more), you break down mus­cle fi­bres, which your body re­builds on your re­cov­ery day. The re­sult? Big­ger, more de­fined mus­cles for shapely legs and a perky butt. These two moves al­low your body to han­dle those loads safely, since your en­tire lower-body mus­cu­la­ture ac­ti­vates, putting less strain on your up­per half, ex­plains Boyce. “You also train both your bi­lat­eral [two-leg] and uni­lat­eral [one-leg] sys­tems at once, which is the best of both worlds for mov­ing well on a daily ba­sis.” Fit this work­out into your rou­tine once a week, us­ing a weight that you can man­age for only 10 squats at a time. (Note: it’s prob­a­bly heav­ier than you think – it should be at least 25 per­cent of your body weight.) Per­form the pair as a su­per­set: com­plete all the reps of the first ex­er­cise (that would be 20 reps, with 10-sec­ond rest breaks be­tween each mini set), then move im­me­di­ately to the sec­ond. Rest up to two min­utes, then re­peat five more times.


10 reps per side


2 reps, 3 reps, 5 reps, 10 reps (10-sec­ond rest be­tween each mini set)

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