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Women's Health (South Africa) - - JAN/FEB 2018 -

With a gym tool you never have to queue for

Wanna change your shape? Grab a tool that changes shape too

In gam­bling-speak, “to sand­bag” is to de­ceive. In work­out-speak, the sand­bag may be just as sly. A tog bag filled with beach dust? How chal­leng­ing can that be? Very. For starters, the sand is con­stantly shift­ing in­side, so you (your core, your legs, your whole body) have to work harder to sta­bilise that re­sis­tance. Then you’ve got all the han­dles at­tached to the bag. “The va­ri­ety gives you end­less grip op­tions and move­ment pos­si­bil­i­ties,” says cer­ti­fied strength and con­di­tion­ing spe­cial­ist and phys­io­ther­a­pist Dr Dan Og­born, who cre­ated this work­out. “When you can play around with the way you hold and move weight, you en­gage new mus­cles and chal­lenge them in al­ter­na­tive planes of mo­tion, which is key to ac­cel­er­at­ing your re­sults.” Plus, thanks to its size and shape, this tool also bet­ter mim­ics real-life loads – say, a bag of laun­dry, a sack of dog food or over­stuffed hand lug­gage – help­ing you de­velop func­tional strength that will trans­late to any ef­fort, in or out of the gym. Two or three times a week, com­plete the fol­low­ing cir­cuit: per­form each ex­er­cise in or­der as di­rected, mov­ing from one to the next with­out rest­ing or drop­ping the sand­bag. Re­peat twice for a to­tal of three sets.

Stand with your feet shoul­der-width apart and hold the sand­bag at shoul­der height (A). Push your hips back and down to lower into a squat, keep­ing the sand­bag in the same place (B). Quickly straighten your hips and knees and drive the sand­bag up so that your hips, legs and arms are fully ex­tended and the sand­bag is over your head (C). Re­verse the mo­tion to re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 10.

Bend for­ward at your waist and hold the sand­bag in front of your shins, feet shoul­der-width apart (A). Keep­ing a flat back, bend your el­bows and pull your shoul­der blades to­gether to raise the sand­bag to your ribcage (B). Re­verse the mo­tion to re­turn to start. That’s one rep; do 10.

Ro­ta­tional re­verse lunge Stand with your feet hip-width apart and hold the sand­bag with both hands in front of your thighs (A). Step your left foot be­hind you and bend both knees as you swing the bag to the out­side of your right leg, ro­tat­ing your up­per back with­out arch­ing your lower back (B). Press through your right heel and step for­ward with your left foot to re­turn to stand­ing. Re­peat on the other side. That’s one rep; do 10.

Sand­bag clean Stand with your knees bent and feet shoul­der-width apart, then bend for­ward at the hips to hold the sand­bag against your shins (A). Ex­plo­sively straighten your hips and knees, mov­ing onto your toes, and shrug your shoul­ders as the sand­bag moves past your knees (B). Quickly flick the bag up­ward, main­tain­ing your grip, and catch it on your arms as you lower into a par­tial squat (C). Stand up to com­plete the rep. That’s one rep; do 10.

Sand­bag bent-over row

Sand­bag thruster

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