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Cup­boards so stuffed you couldn’t fit in a skele­ton? Clear out the junk with de­clut­ter­ing tips even hoard­ers can ad­here to

Women's Health (South Africa) - - JAN/FEB 2018 -

More space for your clothes in three steps

So your New Year’s res­o­lu­tion is to be more Zen. You’ve signed up to a yoga stu­dio, down­loaded a med­i­ta­tion app and bought a house­plant. Good start. But you know where in­ner peace re­ally be­gins? With the space around you. If yours looks like the kind of hoard­ers’ par­adise the hosts of Amer­i­can Pick­ers would get lost in, fol­low our guide to en-lighter-ment.

Call for back-up

Make like Car­rie Brad­shaw in the Sex and The City movie and re­cruit a friend. Just be sure it’s one who’ll be hon­est about the fact that your mul­let dress de­serves the heave-ho. “An­other set of eyes can help you move much faster,” says pro­fes­sional or­gan­iser Amy Trager.

De­ci­sion time: what stays, what goes?

There are pieces you’ll hold onto for­ever, like that clas­sic leather jacket or your still un-dry-cleaned, wine-stained wed­ding dress. But for the rest, ask your­self tough ques­tions, says Jamie No­vak, au­thor of 1000 Best Quick and Easy Or­ga­niz­ing Se­crets. Does it fit? (That’s a solid no to the wed­ding dress, but it’s not go­ing any­where, dammit!) Is it comfy? And here’s a big one: if you saw it in the shops to­day, would you buy it again? If the an­swer to any of these is no, out it goes.

Man­age the re­ject pile

So you have a nice, big “no” pile. Now what? Man­age the moun­tain into three smaller mounds...

GOOD STUFF THAT YOU’RE JUST OVER: Clothes-swap party! “Get to­gether with friends around your size,” says Trager.

ILL-FIT­TING ON­LINE PUR­CHASES YOU JUST NEVER RE­TURNED: Take ’em to a se­cond-hand store. If it’s in great con­di­tion, fash­ion­able and in sea­son, a con­sign­ment store could score you some much-needed sur­prise pocket money when it sells, says vin­tage cloth­ing store man­ager Jeanne Stafford. Al­ter­na­tively, write off the loss and let a char­ity shop (check out Char­i­ reap the re­wards.

YOUR WORN-ONCE PARTY FROCK: Do­nate to It’s Your Turn (It­, a char­ity that sells se­cond-hand dresses to girls who can’t af­ford a Ma­tric farewell dress, for R100 – which in turn funds school shoes for kids who can’t af­ford them. They col­lect other clothes too, which also end up fund­ing school shoes – so you can con­ve­niently do one stop.

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