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A slew of on­line phe­noms has al­ready been break­ing the idea that vulva talk is taboo: Club Cli­toris is an on­line plat­form post­ing artis­tic ren­di­tions of gen­i­talia and OMGYes gives you de­tailed in­struc­tions on get­ting bet­ter or­gasms. Now, you could find your­self tak­ing cer­vi­cal self­ies: a new de­vice from Mo­bileODT, called the EVA Sys­tem, fits onto your smart­phone and uses ul­tra­bright light and pow­er­ful lenses to cap­ture im­ages of your cervix us­ing your phone cam­era. You then up­load the pic to an app where your doc can ex­am­ine it and of­fer a re­mote con­sul­ta­tion. Never has clear­ing your cam­era his­tory been so im­por­tant.

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