End-Of-Sum­mer Skin Check-Up

Take our quiz to nix sun dam­age

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“South Africa has the sec­ond high­est in­ci­dence of skin can­cer in the world af­ter Aus­tralia and it makes up 30 per­cent of can­cer cases,” says der­ma­tol­o­gist Dr Nom­ph­elo Gantsho. Sheesh. Those are the facts and they are un­ac­cept­able. But there are ways you can fight back – from smart tech to sunscreen tweaks. Take this quiz and up your game be­fore you step into the sun.

1 True or false: the higher the SPF, the bet­ter. True False 2 SPF pro­tects against which kind of rays? A UVA B UVB C Both UVA and UVB 3 Melanoma may be es­pe­cially dan­ger­ous for ___________ women. A Black women B Preg­nant wo­man C Both A and B 4 True or false: 80 per­cent of sun dam­age in your life­time hap­pens be­fore age 18. True False 5 The num­ber of moles on your__________ pre­dicts your can­cer risk. A Arm B Face C Back 6 Which photo shows how much sunscreen you should use on your face (be­fore rub­bing it in)? A B C 7 Which of these eats has been shown to pro­tect against sun dam­age? A Oily fish B Green tea C Broc­coli D All of the above 8 Drink­ing cof­fee can raise/ lower your risk. Raise Lower 9 True or false: my SPF lip prod­uct is suf­fi­cient sunscreen. True False


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