WTF Is... A “Vagina” Pump?

Should you say hello to this new lit­tle friend

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The term vagina pump is ac­tu­ally a mis­nomer, “you don’t pump the vagina, more the vulva,” ex­plains Dr Elna Ru­dolph, med­i­cal doc­tor, sex­ol­o­gist and clin­i­cal head of My Sex­ual Health. (Bi­ol­ogy les­son: the vagina is the tube lead­ing from your ex­ter­nal gen­i­tals to the cervix of your uterus, not just ev­ery­thing be­tween your legs). To use a pump, you place the cup over the vulva, mak­ing sure to cre­ate a seal. You then use the at­tached pump to cre­ate a vac­uum, which leads to the lips and cli­toris be­ing filled with blood and ap­pear­ing swollen. But why do this? Be­cause the ef­fects mimic what hap­pens when you are aroused and can in­ten­sify your sen­sa­tion dur­ing sex. They can also be used in BDSM play. “It’s part of nor­mal arousal to be­come swollen,” says Ru­dolph. “Some peo­ple like the swollen look (mainly be­cause they see it in porn) and some women use it to en­hance sen­sa­tion – you ba­si­cally ar­ti­fi­cially cre­ate arousal by pulling blood into your gen­i­tals.” “The in­tense plea­sure will last only as long as you keep the pump on. The swelling might last up to a day, but typ­i­cally dis­ap­pears within an hour. You might have a pleas­ant sen­sa­tion from the swelling, in which case the plea­sure lasts af­ter re­mov­ing the pump,” says Ru­dolph. While pain will usu­ally pre­vent you from harm­ing your­self, Ru­dolph cau­tions those who use pumps as part of their BDSM play: “You could push your­self beyond your pain bar­rier, in which case you could dam­age the tis­sue by over­fill­ing it with blood.” Women who suf­fer from skin con­di­tions should use with cau­tion, as well as post­menopausal women not us­ing lo­cal oe­stro­gen.

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