Main­lin­ing vi­ta­min C once ill? The data is dis­ap­point­ingly meh (or, sci­en­tif­i­cally speak­ing, in­con­clu­sive). But re­search is strong on these whole­food fixes for pesky cold and flu symp­toms

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Star­ing at the ceil­ing is mis­er­able enough when you’re 100 per­cent – never mind when it feels as if a march­ing band is parad­ing around your si­nuses. Chew some cher­ries, flax or wal­nuts to help you doze – they’ve been found to up lev­els of sleep-pro­mot­ing mela­tonin.


All that hack­ing might loosen up gunk in your chest, but it can make a scratchy sore throat feel even worse. Re­searchers sus­pect honey may ease those symp­toms by sup­press­ing the nerve fi­bres that cause cough­ing. Spread it onto toast to quiet the bark­ing and ir­ri­ta­tion.


Keep some fresh pep­per­mint handy and chew on it if your nose or chest is feel­ing blocked – the men­thol helps dis­lodge mu­cus and phlegm, ac­cord­ing to the Uni­ver­sity of Mary­land Med­i­cal Cen­ter. (Bonus: It can also help soothe crampy stom­ach mus­cles if you’re nau­seous.)


Long a go-to in both East­ern and Western medicine for eas­ing cold symp­toms, liquorice is backed by new ev­i­dence that sup­ports its an­tivi­ral prop­er­ties. Add a few drops of ex­tract to hot wa­ter or keep a warm­ing and ef­fec­tive root­based tea handy.

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