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Trap # 1

You’ve gone from restau­rant trips and con­ver­sa­tion to TV din­ners and en­forced si­lence dur­ing Law & Or­der. ES­CAPE IT: Re­mem­ber those early days when you’d linger for hours over a meal and, you know, talk to each other? It’s time to go back to that. “Re­search in the jour­nal Ap­petite found peo­ple who ate while watch­ing TV snacked around 69 per­cent more a few hours later,” says Lam­bert. Slow things down by spend­ing an hour over din­ner, prefer­ably at a ta­ble. The slower and more aware of your eat­ing you are, the more sat­is­fied you’ll feel. Also, try chew­ing more thor­oughly. A study by Iowa State Uni­ver­sity in the US found dou­bling the num­ber of times you chew re­duced food in­take by 15 per­cent.

Trap # 2

Of­fi­cially this phe­nom­e­non is called “di­etary con­ver­gence”. Unof­fi­cially it’s called “man por­tions”. ES­CAPE IT: “Have what he’s hav­ing, but re­duce the por­tion or tweak it,” says Lam­bert. You’re look­ing at serv­ing up be­tween two-thirds and three-quar­ters of his plate. Need help on the con­trol front? A study in the Jour­nal of Mar­ket­ing Re­search found peo­ple or­dered 39 per­cent more kilo­joules when sit­ting in restau­rants with low light. Why? Be­cause we feel more alert in brighter rooms and are there­fore more likely to make health­ier de­ci­sions. So ei­ther crank up that dim­mer switch or splash cold wa­ter on your face be­fore serv­ing. Easy!

Trap # 3

You’re the proud co-cre­ator of a foe­tus – and mak­ing the most of that old eat­ing-for-two the­ory. ES­CAPE IT: Hate to break it to you, but “in the first trimester, you don’t need to in­crease your kilo­joules by much at all, cer­tainly by no more than 850 kilo­joules a day,” says Char­lie Laun­der, a spe­cial­ist in pre- and post-na­tal train­ing. While aer­o­bic ex­er­cise into the late stages of preg­nancy has been as­so­ci­ated with shorter and less-com­pli­cated labours, Laun­der is a big fan of strength train­ing. “Keep­ing joints strong will help pro­tect your body against weight gain.” Talk to your doc be­fore start­ing any­thing new for a happy baby and bod.

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