One-Piece Work­out: Dumb­bell

Tone up quickly with this hum­ble piece of equip­ment

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FYI: the hum­ble dumb­bell can score you epic gains. “Used smartly, the dumb­bell can chal­lenge a mus­cle in new ways, forc­ing it to adapt,” says trainer Sandy Macaskill. It’s also ver­sa­tile and easy to use. But if you’ve ever been to the gym in peak time, you’ll be painfully fa­mil­iar with the strug­gle of find­ing two match­ing dumb­bells in the chaotic weights sec­tion. En­ter this 10-minute full-body work­out. You only use one dumb­bell, but you’re not get­ting off easy. “Train­ing one side at a time means you have to re­cruit your core for sta­bil­ity,” Macaskill ex­plains. Iron-clad abs, de­fined shoul­ders and strong limbs? We’re sold. 1 SQUAT THRUSTER

Tar­gets: Shoul­ders, legs and butt Use: 6kg dumb­bell Hold­ing the dumb­bell un­der your chin with your right hand, palm fac­ing into your chest, sit your hips back into a squat, keep­ing your weight in your heels (A). Lower for five sec­onds un­til your bum is slightly lower than your knees. Now, thrust back to start, squeez­ing your butt, and press the dumb­bell to­wards the ceil­ing (B). Lower back to start.


Tar­gets: Legs, shoul­ders and up­per back Use: 6kg dumb­bell Hold the dumb­bell in your right hand in an over­hand grip. Keep­ing your back neu­tral and knees soft, hinge at the waist to push your hips back and lower the dumb­bell to your toes (A). Squeeze your glutes and thrust your hips for­ward to re­turn to stand­ing. Then pull the dumb­bell up to­wards your chin, el­bow out to the side (B). Lower it back to start and re­peat.


Tar­gets: Core, back and triceps Use: 6kg dumb­bell Hold the dumb­bell in your right hand. Now get into push-up po­si­tion, your left palm flat on the floor and your right hand rest­ing on the dumb­bell. Do one push-up, then raise your right hand to your right hip, with­out shift­ing your body weight (A). Keep­ing your el­bow high, ex­tend the dumb­bell in a straight line be­hind you, squeez­ing your triceps (B), then re­turn it to the floor and start again from the top.


Tar­gets: Legs, butt and shoul­ders Be­gin with: 4kg dumb­bell Stand with feet shoul­der­width apart and hold the dumb­bell in your right hand, palm to­wards your body. Keep­ing your chest up, step your op­po­site foot for­ward and make sure your knee is stacked right over your an­kle. Now, lower down into a lunge (A). Raise your right arm in front of you to shoul­der level, palm fac­ing the floor (B). Hold, then re­turn it to your side and re­peat the arm raise, stay­ing in the split lunge for the set.


Tar­gets: Arms, tum, butt and legs Be­gin with: 4kg dumb­bell With your right hand rest­ing on the dumb­bell, do a push-up, hold­ing at the top, then pull your right hand up to­wards your right hip, with­out shift­ing your body weight around (A). Re­turn your hand to the floor, jump your feet to­wards your hands and thrust up to stand­ing. Curl the dumb­bell to­wards your shoul­der, then press it up over your head (B). Lower back to start. That’s one rep.

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You’ll need A 6kg dumb­bell and a 4kg dumb­bell – grab ’em now and guard them with your life.

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