Guess what? Stretch­ing isn’t just a post-work­out thing. “Do­ing it be­fore ex­er­cise leaves your mus­cles warmed up, re­duces in­jury risk and in­creases your range of mo­tion,” says stretch­ing ex­pert Lisa Law­son. Try these easy stretches to power your next sweat

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In­ter­lace both hands while reach­ing up to the sky. Gen­tly lean over to the right while stretch­ing into the left side of the back, then do the same with the op­po­site side. Next, in­ter­lace your hands be­hind your neck and be­gin mov­ing your chest for­wards while send­ing your el­bows back to­wards one an­other.


Stand with your feet hip-dis­tance apart. Reach both arms up to lengthen the body and up­per back. Start to bend for­wards at the hips while also reach­ing your arms for­wards. At the same time, tilt your pelvis back­wards and reach your fin­gers to­wards your shins, toes or the floor.


Lie on your stom­ach and send your arms out to the side in a T. Keep­ing your arms on the ground, gen­tly roll over to the right-hand side while pick­ing up your left leg and plac­ing your foot on the ground be­hind you to deepen into the stretch. Then do the same on the op­po­site side.

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