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It’s just not brunch un­less you’re dip­ping toasted “gut-healthy” sour­dough into a gooey egg yolk – but that’s not to say it’s mak­ing a crumb of dif­fer­ence to your di­ges­tive health. Given its fer­mented cre­den­tials, sour­dough is said to boost healthy mi­crobes in the gut and re­duce blood-sugar spikes. The catch? Re­searchers at Is­rael’s Weiz­mann In­sti­tute of Sci­ence dis­cov­ered those perks only ring true for a lucky few. It’s hard to know if that’s you, so lis­ten to your body. If sour­dough makes your stom­ach happy, slice it; if not, don’t. Sim­ple.

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