Sweet (And Salty) Dreams

On any given morn­ing, a pal­try 15 per­cent of us wake up feel­ing well rested. Now there’s a counter-in­tu­itive way to boost that num­ber and, bliss­fully, it in­volves snack­ing

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Snack smart for a smoother snooze

To sleep more soundly, turn off Trevor Noah, hit the sack ear­lier, avoid blue screens and... Eat be­fore bed? Yes, it goes against ev­ery old wives’ tale (and con­ven­tional wis­dom), but re­search re­veals that night-time nib­bling can help you sleep bet­ter. Strate­gic night­time nib­bling, that is – or what we at WH have dubbed “sleepy snacks” (cute, huh?). “There are spe­cific nu­tri­ents that may help you fall asleep and rest more soundly all night long, es­pe­cially if you don’t al­ways eat well dur­ing the day,” says nutritionist El­iz­a­beth Ward. The ground rules: num­ber one, make sure your snack is ac­tu­ally snack-sized, about 630 to 830 kilojoules. Then ditch any­thing that might up­set your stom­ach; likely of­fend­ers in­clude hard-to-di­gest meat or cheese and heart­burn-in­duc­ing citrus or spicy food. Fi­nally, time it an hour or two be­fore you turn in so the nu­tri­ents en­ter your sys­tem and start to work. The fol­low­ing tasty tit­bits tick the right boxes. Some come to­gether in a cou­ple of min­utes, while oth­ers re­quire merely break­ing open a pack­age – and all of them boast high lev­els of that pre­cious vi­ta­min Zzzz.

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