Is it okay to skip the warm up if I’m in a hurry?

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AN­SWER No. Warm­ing up is the num­ber one way to pre­vent in­jury, espe­cially pulled mus­cles or strained joints. Stud­ies show you per­form bet­ter post warm-up be­cause you’ve ac­ti­vated your ner­vous (mus­cle re­sponse to com­mands), res­pi­ra­tory (breath­ing) and cir­cu­la­tory (blood and oxy­gen flow) sys­tems. Two min­utes will do: match your warm up to your work­out and keep mov­ing the en­tire time. For ex­am­ple: for a run, warm up legs with jog­ging, skip­ping, side steps and lunge walks. Pre-weights, do squats, lunges, push-ups and planks. If you’re play­ing sport, do spe­cific drills that sim­u­late your moves – i.e. for net­ball, jog, do side-to-side agility runs, dy­namic leg swings and squat jumps.


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