Un­ex­pected #pe­ri­od­prob­lems can hap­pen even when you’ve been bleed­ing for years. We took three sit­u­a­tions, crowd­sourced un­con­ven­tional so­lu­tions, then vet­ted it all with docs. This is se­cret-agent stuff!

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Work emer­gency: you’re out of pads and tam­pons. Shit.

If the women around you are sim­i­larly out of sup­plies, raid the of­fice first-aid kit. Fold a non-stick ban­dage (the kind you’d use to cover a large cut) into a makeshift pad, then wrap gauze around the crotch of your undies and the rough-and-ready pad to se­cure. It’ll keep you leak-free while you high­tail it to the near­est shop.

You’ve bled on your in-laws’ white zil­lion-thread-count guest sheets.

If you catch it right away: in the sink or tub, hold the stained area taut and rinse with cold run­ning wa­ter (hot H20 sets blood­stains) and it may all come out. At the very least, you’ll min­imise the dam­age. If you don’t see it un­til morn­ing: treat the stains like a scraped knee – dip a face­cloth into hy­dro­gen per­ox­ide and dab. The liq­uid’s en­zymes should break down blood pro­teins, help­ing mute or even erase the mess.

You’ve got killer cramps but no ibupro­fen.

On your in­ner leg, lo­cate your an­kle bone and go four finger-widths above its high­est point – that’s an acu­pres­sure point used to chillax men­strual cramps. Press firmly and deeply, mas­sag­ing the spot for five sec­onds.

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