One-Piece Work­out: Plyo Box

Never used one of these bad boys? Get ready to jump-start your work­out to an ex­plo­sive new level

Women's Health (South Africa) - - CONTENTS - By Florence Mitchell

Be your own jack-in-the-box with this ex­plo­sive work­out

The ply­o­met­ric box may look like it be­longs in a ware­house, but it’s a func­tional-train­ing pow­er­house that’s good for so much more than just jump­ing on. “Its ver­sa­til­ity means it can work the whole body,” ex­plains F45 trainer Joe Sprag­gan. “Use a plyo box to per­form these multi-di­rec­tional moves and you’ll utilise more mus­cles than your usual mat work­out. Plus, com­bin­ing strength- and car­dio-based move­ments will torch fat as well as build lean mus­cle.” Could any­thing be more per­fect for your sum­mer gym re­boot? We think not. Time to up your game.

1 Tar­gets: FROG JUMP Core, legs, shoul­ders Do: 15 reps

Stand with feet hip-width apart. Place your hands in the mid­dle of the plyo box shoul­der-width apart, arms straight. Bend your legs so your heels are off the ground and your weight is shifted to your toes (A). Bend your knees fur­ther, then, kick­ing your feet up to­wards your bum and shift­ing your weight to your hands, jump your feet onto the box. You should end up with your feet just on the edge of the box, be­hind your hands (B). Jump back down and re­peat.

2 Tar­gets: LAT­ERAL Obliques, BUNNY legs, HOP chest Do: 15 reps per side

Stand to the right of the box with feet to­gether. Place your hands in the mid­dle of the box shoul­der-width apart, five cen­time­tres from the front (A). Bend your knees slightly. Then, keep­ing your arms straight, jump up and swing your legs and bum side­ways so your knees move up and over the box. Land softly with bent knees on the other side (B). Re­peat from side to side.

3 Tar­gets: AMPED-UP Shoul­ders, CROSS-BODY core, obliques MOUN­TAIN CLIMBER Do: 45 sec­onds

Start in push-up po­si­tion, hands on the floor and toes on the box, core en­gaged (A). Lift your right foot and bring your knee to your left el­bow. Keep your eyes on the floor and don’t let your shoul­ders col­lapse (B). Re­turn to start and re­peat with your left leg, twist­ing to your right el­bow. Once you’re con­fi­dent, up the pace, al­ter­nat­ing legs. Go­ing slowly will strengthen your core, faster will raise your heart rate and burn fat.

4 Tar­gets: SIN­GLE-LEG Ham­strings, HAM­STRING core, glutes AND GLUTE PULSE Do: 15 pulses per leg

Lie down with your heels on top of the box and your knees bent. Raise your bum off the floor slightly and lift your calves off the box. Keep your arms by your sides, palms on the floor. Ex­tend your left leg up to the ceil­ing (A), then push down through your right heel to lift your hips up as far as you can (B). Pulse up and down. Swap legs.

5 IN­CLINE PUSH-UP SPIDERWOMAN Tar­gets: Bi­ceps, core Do: 10 reps

Be­gin in push-up po­si­tion, hands on the box and toes on the floor (A). Lift your right knee to­wards your right tri­ceps (B), then bend your el­bows and lower your chest as far as you can. Squeez­ing your abs, hold for three sec­onds, then ex­tend your arms and lower your foot back to the floor. Re­peat on the other side.

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