The se­cret to crispy-on-the-out­side, cus­tardy-on­the-in­side French toast lies in these fool­proof steps

Woolworths TASTE - - Fast And Easy -

USE THE BEST BREAD (AND SLICE IT RIGHT) Brioche, kitke and firm white bread are your best op­tions for soak­ing up the cus­tard with­out it turn­ing too soft and fall­ing apart dur­ing cooking. Slices should be about 2 cm thick (a.k.a doorstops!).

DON’T DUNK IT TOO FAST For­get about quickly soak­ing the bread in the cus­tard be­fore putting it in the pan. It needs time to ab­sorb the egg mix­ture – usu­ally 15–20 min­utes – so you’ll get a deca­dent cus­tardy cen­tre.

BUT­TER IT UP Give the pan a light coat­ing of but­ter and a neu­tral oil (which stops the but­ter from burn­ing). Wipe the pan clean af­ter ev­ery batch and start with a fresh lot of but­ter and oil to pre­vent black bits from stick­ing to your next batch.

PRE­HEAT THE PAN When the pan is hot enough, the cus­tard will start cooking as soon as it hits the sur­face, rather than seep­ing and form­ing a “foot” at the bot­tom of your first slice.

CHECK THE TEM­PER­A­TURE AND TIM­ING Too hot and you’ll burn the out­side and un­der­cook the in­side; too cool and it’ll be dry and dis­ap­point­ing. No chance of that if you cook each slice for 3–4 min­utes per side over a medium heat.

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