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Mar­i­jke Cil­liers

A per­sonal trainer from Stel­len­bosch, who helped de­vise Heinz and Aletté’s quick, at-home work­out. What’s your goto healthy break­fast? Flap­jacks made from oats, an egg white pro­tein shake or a slice of 100 per­cent rye toast with six egg whites. What’s your favourite thing to do when you work­out? I love leg day – I would train legs ev­ery day and skip arms if I could!

Adrian Pen­zhorn

A reg­is­tered di­eti­cian from Cape Town who de­vised the fam­ily diet and the me­tab­o­lism diet. What’s your go-to healthy break­fast? Eggs cooked any way with some rocket, tomato and avo. What is the most im­por­tant thing to re­mem­ber when try­ing to lose weight? Eat smaller amounts of un­pro­cessed foods and try to move and ex­er­cise as much as pos­si­ble. What’s your favourite sweet treat? Peanut but­ter filled M&M’S are just the best.

Es­ther Malan

YOU’S as­sis­tant food ed­i­tor helped cre­ate some of the scrump­tious dishes in our recipes sec­tion. What’s your go-to healthy break­fast? A peanut but­ter and ba­nana smoothie. What do you al­ways have in your fridge? Avos. I love avos! What’s the worst diet you’ve ever tried? A diet that in­volved making a mas­sive pot of soup made of cel­ery, toma­toes and car­rots boiled in wa­ter. All I was al­lowed to eat for days on end was the soup. Just the soup. Never again!

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