Eat­ing well and ex­er­cis­ing to­gether is a big deal for singer Heinz Winck­ler and his wife, Aletté

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Heinz Winck­ler and his wife Aletté dish on how they stay in shape – while jug­gling ca­reers and three kids

IT’S a run­ning joke that once mar­ried, cou­ples tend to “let them­selves go”. For many, it may be true. But cer­tainly not for Heinz and Aletté Winck­ler. The pair, who have been mar­ried for nine years have a pact – to do what­ever they can to be their health­i­est and feel their best, for them­selves and for each other.

As part of their healthy life­style, Heinz and Aletté like to shake things up and ear­lier this year, chal­lenged them­selves to a new, joint work­out pro­gramme.

Five morn­ings a week, they see their per­sonal trainer, Mar­i­jke Cil­liers, who puts them through their paces in a 30-minute, high-in­ten­sity ses­sion at their home in Som­er­set West, Cape Town.

The fun-lov­ing duo have a whale of a time in their daily work­outs, con­stantly teas­ing and en­cour­ag­ing each other.

Singer Heinz (37), who is al­ready quite fit from his en­er­getic per­for­mances on stage, says their new pro­gramme has boosted his en­ergy and strength lev­els even more.

“I’ve never trained so hard and as con­sis­tently as I have th­ese past few months. I love it and I don’t want to lose it,” he says.

Ini­tially, it was slow go­ing for Aletté (35). She has her own stylist busi­ness to run and three young boys to look af­ter – Lian (5), Simeon (3) and Reuben (18 months). She’s also over­see­ing con­struc­tion of the fam­ily’s dream home in Som­er­set West. Find­ing time to take care of her­self was dif­fi­cult but she made an ef­fort to carve time out for her­self af­ter Reuben was born.

“Be­cause of this, my to­tal weight loss af­ter preg­nancy is 20 kg,” she says. “I still need to lose about 4 kg to be where I want to be. I’ve also lost many cen­time­tres and I feel fit­ter and stronger!”

Aletté has al­ways been con­scious of her weight and be­ing in the pub­lic eye has made her that much more aware of it.

“You really get scru­ti­nised. I re­mem­ber just af­ter hav­ing Simeon, I was still like a bal­loon when we had a big fam­ily gath­er­ing at a restau­rant. As I walked in with Heinz, my sis­ter over­heard a woman say­ing ‘Oh that’s Heinz! Is that his wife? She’s like, this!’ ” ges­tur­ing size with her arms out­stretched.

“I was like, ‘Okay, I’ve just had a baby, thank you very much!’ But you know what? You learn to smile.”

EACH preg­nancy weight was a chal­lenge to lose but by fo­cus­ing on healthy eat­ing, Aletté man­aged to shed the weight from her first two preg­nan­cies too – 30 kg with Lian and 20 kg with Simeon, by the time both boys were 13 months old. “And by month 14, I was preg­nant again!” Aletté says with a laugh.

The vi­va­cious stylist even put pen to pa­per about her jour­ney, in a book called Môre is Maandag (Tomorrow is Mon­day). “It’s about a nor­mal woman’s strug­gle with weight af­ter preg­nancy,” she ex­plains, “And so many peo­ple could re­late to it.”

The com­mu­nity of women in­spired by Aletté’s book en­cour­aged her to cre­ate a Face­book group so ev­ery­one could share

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‘My to­tal weight loss af­ter preg­nancy is 20 kg. I’ve also lost many cen­time­tres and I feel fit­ter and stronger’ – Aletté Winck­ler

their ex­pe­ri­ences. “It just made sense,” she says. “We all wanted to lose weight, why not do it to­gether?”

So she cre­ated a group, called “Drop it coz you’re HOT!” and it now has over 3 000 mem­bers from all over South Africa. They’re all fol­low­ing dif­fer­ent di­ets and weight-loss pro­grammes, but they use the group to stay ac­count­able, share their progress and keep one an­other mo­ti­vated to keep go­ing.

Aletté has also turned to the group for in­spi­ra­tion and mo­ti­va­tion. With Rueben al­most two and no plans for an­other baby, Aletté ad­mits it’s taken longer to bounce back this time around.

“But I will never set­tle for not look­ing my best. I will get there, even if it is harder this time be­cause I’ve had my third child and I’m even busier.”

She be­lieves it’s all about making your health a pri­or­ity – like com­mit­ting to a stan­dard time to work out ev­ery day, even if it’s just for half an hour. “If we didn’t have a stand­ing ap­point­ment with our trainer, we prob­a­bly wouldn’t work out as of­ten be­cause there are so many other things to do dur­ing the day.

“But the mo­ment you get into it and you re­alise how­much bet­ter you feel when you ex­er­cise, then it’s a great mo­ti­va­tion to keep go­ing.

“When I lose weight, I feel bet­ter, I have more en­ergy to play with my chil­dren. It’s just worth it. Your qual­ity of life is just so much bet­ter,” she says.

Feel­ing good about her phys­i­cal ap­pear­ance is also im­por­tant to Aletté. “I want to be the most beau­ti­ful woman in Heinz’s life,” she says with a gig­gle. “Be­cause that’s who he mar­ried.”

HEINZ says his wife has al­ways been beau­ti­ful to him and he is her num­ber one cham­pion.

“I’m her big­gest fan and she’s my big­gest fan and we should sup­port each other no mat­ter what,” he says.

He adds that tak­ing care of your health should be a two-way street for cou­ples.

“There are many peo­ple who make the mis­take of let­ting them­selves go, es­pe­cially af­ter kids. It’s not just the women – men too. You get th­ese un­healthy, beer­bel­lied men who ex­pect their wives to re­main the skinny, hot blonde they were when they got mar­ried. But they can let them­selves go. It’s this weird dou­ble stan­dard.

“One of the val­ues of our mar­riage is that we want to look our best for each other, for as long as pos­si­ble!” he adds.

“But it’s more than that – you try to be the best version of your­self you can be.”

This doesn’t mean be­ing ul­tra-skinny, Aletté ex­plains. “Wher­ever your happy place is, wher­ever you feel con­fi­dent enough to walk around naked in front of your part­ner, go for it!”

The couple in 2014 with their sons Lian and Simeon and lit­tle Reuben still on the way

-20 kg Mom-of-three Aletté is de­ter­mined to look and feel her best de­spite a busy sched­ule.

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