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The couple’s per­sonal trainer shares their daily ex­er­cise rou­tine so you can do it too!

Cape Town per­sonal trainer Mar­i­jke Cil­liers de­vised a full-body, at-home pro­gramme for Heinz and Aletté con­sist­ing of both strength and car­dio­vas­cu­lar moves. Here, she shares the pro­gramme, made up of five su­per­sets with one strength move­ment (such as push-ups) and one car­dio ex­er­cise (such as skip­ping) in each. Start by com­plet­ing the pro­gramme once and work up to three cir­cuits.

The weights and medicine ball you use will de­pend on what you feel com­fort­able with – but go heav­ier if it feels too easy, Mar­i­jke advises. In one ex­er­cise Aletté uses baby Reuben as a weight, which is an op­tion for par­ents of young kids (be sure to hold on tight!). The rest pe­ri­ods are ba­sic guide­lines but if you feel you can push on to the next superset be­fore the rest time is up, go ahead!

You will need:

❯ an ex­er­cise mat

❯ a medicine ball

❯ a skip­ping rope

❯ weights (or use the medicine

ball for the thrusters)

❯ a step or sturdy raised sur­face

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