Want to have your daily fix of chocolate and still lose weight? No prob­lem! This diet is for those who just can’t do with­out this de­li­cious treat

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In­dulge in your favourite treat daily and still reach your goal weight

ANy one with a sweet tooth will know the dilemma well – you’re stick­ing to your diet with no prob­lem at all, un­til that chocolate crav­ing strikes. Be­fore you know it you’ve de­voured a whole chocolate bar (or slab!) and your healthy eat­ing plan has gone into the bin with the wrap­per.

Weight loss and chocolate are words that don’t usu­ally go to­gether but di­eti­cian Jeanie Nel of Cape Di­eti­cians says chocolate-lovers can definitely in­clude chocolate in mod­er­a­tion in their diet – and even lose weight at the same time.

So why the bad rep? "Gen­er­ally any­thing that tastes sweet is con­sid­ered bad for you as we know sugar is loaded with empty kilo­joules (they pro­vide en­ergy with­out any nu­tri­ents) which can lead to obe­sity and diabetes,” Jeanie ex­plains.

“Sugar also plays a huge role when it comes to caus­ing in­flam­ma­tion in the body and it’s gen­er­ally be­lieved you should try to avoid sugar at all times.”

Jeanie says milk chocolate is con­sid­ered es­pe­cially bad as it’s high in sat­u­rated fat, which can raise choles­terol lev­els and is high in kilo­joules.

Dark chocolate with a high per­cent­age of co­coa is less sweet and the way to go. It’s eas­ier to prac­tise por­tion con­trol as the flavour is in­tense and the higher the amount of co­coa (70-90 per­cent), the lower the amount of sugar.

Dark chocolate also con­tains an­tiox­i­dants that help to pro­tect the body against en­vi­ron­men­tal tox­ins.

So go ahead, enjoy this diet that in­cludes chocolate treats ev­ery day.

Dark chocolate with a high per­cent­age of co­coa is the

way to go

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