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In the past moms have gen­er­ally been told to wait at least six weeks af­ter giv­ing birth be­fore they start ex­er­cis­ing. USN sports sci­en­tist Byron Kennedy from Johannesburg says that ad­vice is be­com­ing dated and you can hit the gym when you feel up to it. “I would rec­om­mend do­ing 20-40 min­utes low-im­pact to medium-in­ten­sity car­dio as soon as you feel ready post-preg­nancy to help keep you in­vig­o­rated and feel­ing healthy,” Byron says. “But only ac­tively start train­ing for weight loss af­ter week six.” How­ever, if you had a Csec­tion or a com­pli­cated birth he advises you speak to your doc­tor be­fore you start any pro­gramme. “Re­mem­ber, the process of get­ting back to your pre-preg­nancy weight is ex­actly that … a process.”

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