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Want to only lose weight from your tummy, or tone your thighs? “That’s called spot re­duc­tion, and it’s a myth,” per­sonal trainer Mar­i­jke Cil­liers says. Train­ing a spe­cific mus­cle will not re­sult in fat loss in that area of the body. “For ex­am­ple, you’re not go­ing to have a flat tummy if you only do crunches and sit-ups – and tar­get­ing the smaller mus­cles is not the smart way to ex­er­cise. You need to work your whole body to see re­sults,” she says. Al­though iso­la­tion ex­er­cises do have their ad­van­tages, she ex­plains, com­pound ex­er­cises (full body moves like most of those in the work­out start­ing on page 10) al­low you to en­gage more mus­cle groups at the same time, which is the best way to ap­proach fat loss. “But if you want to lose weight from your tummy, you really need to fo­cus on eat­ing healthy. Abs are made in the kitchen!” she says.

Heinz and Aletté stay mo­ti­vated with the help of per­sonal trainer Mar­i­jke Cil­liers

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