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If you juice or blend veg­eta­bles reg­u­larly, you can con­sume up to half your foods raw, says di­eti­cian Dr Suna Kassier. Use th­ese tips to get the most out of your juic­ing.

Wash the veg­eta­bles and fruit.

Pre-cut them.

Juic­ing tends to ex­tract the juice and leave be­hind fi­bre-rich pulp. Add the pulp back in af­ter juic­ing or re­serve to use for an­other meal.

Make sure you add enough (pu­ri­fied) wa­ter for blend­ing. This usu­ally means that most food is cov­ered with wa­ter. If you don’t use enough wa­ter, the pro­duce won’t blend as well.

Blend long enough so your food will be really smooth, but not so long that it gets warm.

You could warm up soups or drinks by blend­ing for a few min­utes.

When raw food­ies want some­thing a lit­tle creamier than the usual veg­gie juice, Cape Town nu­tri­tional ther­a­pist An­drea Jenk­ins rec­om­mends us­ing frozen ba­nana to give smooth­ies a “milk-like con­sis­tency”. An­other op­tion would be to use al­mond or hemp milk or un­pas­teurised yo­ghurt.

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