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❯ If you have food al­ler­gies or in­tol­er­ances, if you’re vege­tar­ian or ve­gan or don’t eat any of the sug­gested foods for any rea­son, find suit­able al­ter­na­tives. Con­sult a di­eti­cian if you need help. If this is a sig­nif­i­cant change

❯ to the way you eat, it’s rec­om­mended you start with small changes (break­fast is per­haps the best meal to change first) and build up over time. The weekly plan has been

❯ com­piled for a fairly ac­tive woman want­ing to lose weight but can be adapted for any­one. The food choices re­main sim­i­lar but your por­tions may need ad­just­ment.

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