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Sports sci­en­tist Adrian Pen­zhorn ad­dresses a few com­mon diet con­cerns:

The eat­ing plan

Wor­ried about va­ri­ety or hunger pangs? Don’t – this diet plan pro­vides fresh ideas for meals and snacks for three weeks. Sim­i­lar meals can be swopped. The snacks are there only for if you are hun­gry so you can skip those if you want to – lis­ten to your body’s cues.

Stay­ing hy­drated

Wa­ter, cof­fee and green tea (or other herbal teas) are great. Limit added sugar (1 t or 5 ml max­i­mum) and stay away from sug­ary drinks (fruit juice and sweet, fizzy cooldrinks). If you drink al­co­hol, do so in mod­er­a­tion and stick to wine or spir­its with a sugar-free mixer such as whisky and soda wa­ter. In the first month on the diet, aim for no more than one drink for women and two for men ev­ery sec­ond day.


Avoid the word “cheat” be­cause it has con­no­ta­tions of fail­ure. In­stead aim to achieve your goals at least 80 per­cent of the time. There’s noth­ing wrong with a block or two of dark chocolate and a glass of wine ev­ery few days. A missed goal could be due to not stick- ing to the rec­om­mended por­tion sizes and adding ex­tras such as sugar, honey or sauces or con­sum­ing ad­di­tional al­co­hol.

Stay­ing mo­ti­vated

This diet is fairly easy to stick to be­cause you don’t count kilo­joules or need to weigh food ev­ery day. Re­mem­ber, all your good choices will add up to pos­i­tive re­sults ev­ery week and month.

You’ve reached your goal weight . . .

You can man­age your diet by chang­ing your por­tions as you go along and in­creas­ing your car­bo­hy­drates slightly by in­clud­ing a bit more fruit, legumes, grains and com­plex starches.

If you’ve reached a plateau . . .

Try lim­it­ing your carb por­tions a bit more. Ideally, you should aim for a steady loss of a half to one kilo­gram a week.

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