YOU Best Diets - - Eat More Weigh Less Diet -

1 In­stead of a packet of chips, choose cin­na­mon-dusted air-popped pop­corn.

2 In­stead of a slab of reg­u­lar chocolate, eat two blocks of 70-90 per­cent dark chocolate.


In­stead of ice cream, have low-fat frozen yo­ghurt.


In­stead of a chocolate chip muf­fin, have an ap­ple and cin­na­mon or bran muf­fin.

5 In­stead of ap­ple tart with cream, go for a baked ap­ple with low-fat or sugar-free cus­tard.

6 In­stead of deca­dent hot chocolate, drink fat-free milk with co­coa and sweet­ener.

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