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How do you know when your gut is un­healthy and pos­si­bly the cause of your bloat­ing?

Some­one with a healthy gut passes a stool ev­ery 18 to 24 hours. There’s no mu­cous, undi­gested food or blood in the stools and stools are well-formed (sausage-shaped). Peo­ple with a healthy gut also don’t suf­fer from hal­i­to­sis (bad breath). Pass­ing wind is nor­mal but feel­ing bloated is not. It’s nor­mal to pass wind about 15-20 times a day. If it hap­pens more of­ten there could be a prob­lem with your di­ges­tive sys­tem.

Can ad­just­ing your diet stop bloat­ing?

Yes. Ex­clud­ing gas-forming food should re­sult in less bloat­ing. Also, ad­just­ing your diet so you con­sume fewer kilo­joules will mean you’ll lose weight around your ab­domen.

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