YOU Best Diets - - Chocolate Diet -

You can mix and match the meals as long as they fall into the same cat­e­gory, so you can swop a break­fast op­tion with an­other break­fast meal, for ex­am­ple.

In­cor­po­rate 30 min­utes of ex­er­cise a day for max­i­mum re­sults – even if it’s just us­ing the stairs at the of­fice or walk­ing the dog around the block each day.

This diet plan is re­stricted to 5 000 kilo­joules a day. Cut­ting kilo­joules aids weight loss. On av­er­age 1 000 g (1 kg) = 39 000 kj, so you need to cut quite a lot of en­ergy for weight loss to take place.

Men, chil­dren and very ac­tive peo­ple can dou­ble their por­tions of pro­tein and carbs at ei­ther din­ner or lunch.

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