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MAKES 6 LOL­LIES Prepa­ra­tion time: 10 min Freez­ing time: 3-4 hours

3 Rooi­bos teabags 500 ml (2 c) boiled

wa­ter 1 kiwi, peeled

and sliced 6 straw­ber­ries,

halved 1 or­ange or lemon,

cut into seg­ments

1 Place the Rooi­bos teabags in a large jug and cover with the boiled wa­ter. Leave to cool. 2 Once cooled, re­move the teabags from the tea. 3 Di­vide half of the fruit be­tween six lolly hold­ers. Pour in the tea un­til the hold­ers are al­most full then insert the sticks. 4 Place the lol­lies in the freezer for an hour. Re­move from the freezer. Di­vide the re­main­ing fruit be­tween the hold­ers and con­tinue to freeze un­til set.

Use flavoured Rooi­bos tea such as lemon and gin­ger or berry for a new twist. Add about 60-80 ml (¼-¹⁄₃ c) plain yo­ghurt to half of the fruit and process un­til smooth. Spoon into the lolly hold­ers and freeze. Re­move from the­freezer, top with the re­main­ing fruit and cooled Rooi­bos tea and freeze un­til set.

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