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“My fam­ily loves prawns. We’ve al­ways had them grilled or basted with chut­ney. One day while look­ing for the gar­lic but­ter to pre­pare the prawns, my eyes fell on the fresh cream – that’s how I came up with this prawn recipe.” SERVES 4 Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min Cook­ing time: 12-15 min

PRAWNS 800 g ex­tra-large prawns, de­veined but with heads in­tact and in shells salt and freshly ground black pep­per 30 ml (2 T) but­ter SAUCE 5 ml (1 t) oil 1 onion, finely

chopped 2 gar­lic cloves,

crushed 2 curry leaves 1 red chilli, halved

and chopped 1 can (410 g)

toma­toes 15 ml (1 T) chilli

pow­der 10 ml (2 t) brown

sugar 160 ml (² / 3 c) cream

or co­conut cream freshly baked

bread to serve

1 Prawns Sea­son the seafood. Heat the but­ter in a skot­tel braai and flash-fry the prawns for 6-8 min­utes. Re­move and set aside. 2 Sauce Heat the oil in the same skot­tel braai. Add the onions, gar­lic, curry leaves and chilli pow­der and stir-fry un­til the onions are golden brown. Add the toma­toes, chilli and sugar and sim­mer for 2-3 min­utes. 3 Pour in the cream or co­conut cream, bring to a boil and re­move from heat. 4 Serve the prawns with the sauce and fresh bread. Richards Bay, KwaZulu-Na­tal

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