Rose­mary beer chicken

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SERVES 4 Prepa­ra­tion time: 10 min Cook­ing time: 45 min

RUB salt and freshly ground black pep­per juice of 1 lemon 2 rose­mary sprigs,

chopped 45 ml (3 T) olive oil CHICKEN 1 whole chicken 1 can (330 ml) beer

1 Rub Use a mor­tar and pes­tle to grind the salt, pep­per, lemon juice, rose­mary and olive oil into a fine paste. 2 Chicken Rub the mix­ture over the chicken. 3 Open the beer and pour out (or sip) about a quar­ter of the liq­uid. Po­si­tion the chicken with its body cav­ity over the can. 4 Stand the can with the chicken on a grid over mod­er­ate coals in a ket­tle braai. Close with the lid and cook for about 45 min­utes un­til golden brown and done.

If you’d rather not use al­co­hol, the beer can be re­placed with a fizzy drink such as lemon­ade, gin­ger beer, gin­ger ale or soda wa­ter to keep the meat moist while cook­ing.

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