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Why do you love braai­ing?

It’s very dif­fer­ent from any other food en­vi­ron­ment. It’s more re­laxed and there’s al­ways fel­low­ship and laugh­ter. Brian (her hus­band) and I host an an­nual braai ev­ery year. It’s ac­tu­ally (daugh­ter) Neo’s birthday but it’s our party. We in­vite friends to en­joy our gar­den. I love hear­ing laugh­ter in my home, and cre­at­ing mem­o­ries. I also love dress­ing up. You’ll usu­ally find the ladies look very nice even if it’s a ca­sual af­fair! And, of course, there’s the cham­pagne. Last year we’d just had (youngest daugh­ter) Khumo so we hired a com­pany to do a spit braai. Our lives are mean­ing­less if we can’t share these mo­ments. For­mal din­ners and restau­rants are nice but there’s noth­ing like braai­ing meat in your own yard. A braai is a jour­ney . . . when you go to a res­tau­rant you don’t see the food be­ing made. But with the braai, you’re there and you’re part of the jour­ney.

What is your braai must-have and what makes it so spe­cial?

Most of my friends love to cook so they al­ways bring a spe­cial salad. There’s one friend who took me to a butch­ery on the out­skirts of town which has the best meat. That’s how our braais come to­gether.

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