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■ Stew­ing meat It’s avail­able on the bone or cubed and must be cooked for longer than most cuts, but is full of flavour, es­pe­cially if you keep the meat on the bone It’s an ex­cel­lent choice for stews, potjies, and pie fill­ings

■ Short ribs It’s full of flavour, but also very fatty Roast it to get rid of most of the fat You can roast it in the oven or braai it slowly over coals

■ Ten­derised or minute steak This is one of the most af­ford­able cuts, but it needs to be cooked cor­rectly We pre­fer cut­ting it in strips and stir- fry­ing Al­ways fry this cut in small batches – fry­ing too much of it at once will make it flavour­less and wa­tery

■ Mince meat This very ver­sa­tile form of beef is of­ten sold in a mix­ture with pork or ostrich meat These mix­tures are more af­forda- ble and work just as well in recipes With mince meat your op­tions are end­less – from meat­balls, pies and soup to bobotie and lasagne


■ Loin, neck and rib chops Buy chops with or without bones Without bones it cooks faster, with bones it is more flavour­some

■ Pork fil­let It’s an ex­cel­lent, cheaper al­ter­na­tive to beef fil­let It’s one of the most ten­der cuts with the least fat

■ Texan steak It’s a big, af­ford­able cut that’s enough for an av­er­a­ge­sized fam­ily to share Braai it over the coals or roast in the oven and cut into strips

■ Ba­con This meat has a lot of flavour and just a lit­tle can trans­form an en­tire dish Shoul­der ba­con has less fat and ba­con pieces are the most af­ford­able

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