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SERVES 4 Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min Rest­ing time: 5 min Cook­ing time: 15- 20 min


500 g spaghetti, cooked un­til just done and drained well 1 egg, whisked 30 ml ( 2 T) dried Ital­ian herbs salt and freshly ground pep­per 45 ml ( 3 T) olive oil


500 g steak 30 ml ( 2 T) gar­lic and herb sea­son­ing 15 ml ( 1 T) olive oil


30 ml ( 2 T) bal­samic vine­gar 60 ml ( ¼ c) olive oil


Pre­heat the oven to 230 ° C 1 Frit­ters Mix all the ingredients ex­cept the oil and sea­son with salt and pep­per Heat the oil in a fry­ing pan and fry 120 g mixed let­tuce or herbs 200 g cherry toma­toes, roasted mounds of the spaghetti mix­ture un­til crisp and golden on both sides Drain on pa­per tow­els and set aside 2 Steak Sea­son the steak with the gar­lic and herb sea­son­ing and brush with oil Heat a pan and seal the steaks on both sides Ar­range on a bak­ing sheet and grill for 5- 6 min­utes or to the de­sired de­gree of done­ness Leave to rest for at least 5 min­utes then slice 3 Dress­ing Whisk to­gether the vin- egar and oil 4 Salad Ar­range the let­tuce or herbs, roasted toma­toes, steak and spaghetti frit­ters on a plat­ter and serve with the dress­ing

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