A Closer Look at the Moon

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SCI­EN­TISTS be­lieve the moon was once part of Earth – they the­o­rise that a large ob­ject col­lided with Earth about 4 bil­lion years ago and broke off large rocks that even­tu­ally melted to­gether to form the moon.

Grav­ity on the moon is about a fifth of Earth’s so as­tro­nauts have to wear spe­cial gear to pre­vent them float­ing away into space. That’s why you’ll weigh about six times less on the moon than on Earth!

Over 100 space­craft have been to the moon, which is Earth’s only nat­u­ral satel­lite, and brought back rocks which are still be­ing stud­ied. But we won’t be set­ting up home on the moon any­time soon – its weak at­mos­phere and lack of wa­ter can­not sup­port hu­man, an­i­mal and plant life.

The moon fits neatly into Africa!

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