Roast chicken and veg­gies

Roast the veg­gies in the same pan as the chicken for the last 30 min­utes for an easy fam­ily meal.

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1 whole chicken

1 whole le­mon

hand­ful of fresh basil

ex­tra le­mon for squeez­ing

coarse sea salt


¼ each broc­coli and cau­li­flower, cut into slices

4 baby mar­rows, cut into rib­bons

6 cherry toma­toes

1 whole gar­lic bulb, halved hor­i­zon­tally


1-2 fresh rose­mary sprigs, leaves only

5 ml (1 t) olive oil

1 Pre­heat the oven to 230 °C.

2 Chicken Stuff the cav­ity with the le­mon and push the basil leaves un­der the skin. Squeeze le­mon juice over, sprin­kle with salt and roast for 15 min­utes.

3 Re­duce the tem­per­a­ture to 180 °C and con­tinue roast­ing un­til the skin is crisp and the chicken is done, about 45 min­utes.

4 Veg­eta­bles Ar­range the broc­coli, cau­li­flower, baby mar­rows, cherry toma­toes and gar­lic in a sin­gle layer in a roast­ing pan and sprin­kle salt and rose­mary over. Sprin­kle the olive oil over and mix through. Roast with the chicken for the last 30 min­utes un­til just done but still crunchy.

5 Squeeze the gar­lic paste from the roasted gar­lic bulbs, spread over the veg­eta­bles and chicken and serve.

Prepa­ra­tion time: 20 min­utes Cook­ing time: about 1 hour

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